Jail Dog mascot in search of forever home gets a happy ending

 After several failed adoptions, a special dog in search of a forever home now has a happy ending to his story. Bandit the jail dog has been successfully placed with a new family.

When FOX 5 first introduced you to him in 2017, the dog had already spent three years in Gwinnett County's Jail Dog program. 

This is the fourth time Bandit's been adopted and the Riders are eager to introduce him to his new home.

From the moment Darrell Rider saw Bandit online there was an instant connection.

"When you look at his paralysis waist down – same thing I have – that was really kind of a big kind of attraction that really got the ball rolling. Certainly, you don't go into this kind of thing lightly", Rider told FOX 5.

Rider was born with spina bifida and has faced his own challenges in life, which gives him unique insight into what's required to care for a dog with special needs.

From the moment Darrell Rider saw Bandit online there was an instant connection.

 "The things I read about Bandit, the videos we saw, he kind of had the same mindset I had," he said. "It seemed to me it was the right thing to do, it was a good fit to make sure he had someone who really understood him."

Inmate Brandon Tredo starting looking after Bandit last year and admits this was an emotional day.

" I've been with him for four months. I've been with him every day," Tredo said. "I know he's going to going to a good home."

Gwinnett County Sheriff's spokesman Deputy Shannon Volkodav said it's wonderful to see Bandit placed with a loving family.

" We could not be more happy that Bandit has found a home, Vokodav said. "We knew that it was only a matter of time before the right family came along."