Infant and man dead following standoff

Authorities in Forsyth County said a standoff Monday afternoon ended with at least one man dead and an 11-month-old baby severely injured. Officials told FOX 5 on Thursday that the infant had died from her injuries.

The man was identified as Salman Ashraf, 34, on Thursday by officials.

It happened in the 6200 block of Carleen Court. Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office said a woman fled the home and told deputies her husband was inside armed with a handgun.

"And they initially made contact with her husband and for whatever reason, he quit talking to us. At that point, we realized from the mother, the wife that her daughter that is less than one year is still in the house with the father," said Deputy Doug Rainwater, Forsyth County Sheriff's Office.

A SWAT team and a negotiator were brought in to try to reestablish contact with the man leading to a 3-hour standoff. Deputies said sometime after 6:30 p.m., they made entry into the home.

"We tried to place a phone inside the house for him to use to contact us. At that point, our SWAT team members heard a baby crying upstairs and we immediately went upstairs to check on the baby. And we found a baby injured," said Deputy Doug Rainwater, Forsyth County Sheriff's Office.

The man was found dead inside the home from what investigators are calling apparent self-inflicted gunshot wounds.