How you can request and track a ballot in Georgia

Nearly 50,000 Georgians have signed up for this ballot tracker that’s only been operational for about a week. State election leaders implore everyone to not only register to vote before Monday’s deadline, but also to register for this new ballot tracking system should you choose to vote absentee.

Long lines at voter precincts are not only a test of one’s patience, but also a potential health risk during a pandemic.

"Historically in Georgia, 4 to 5% of people were voting absentee but with COVID Secretary Raffensperger has really focused on a system where you can vote from home especially for people in our community who are a little more medically fragile," statewide voting systems implementation manager Gabriel Sterling said.

That’s why there’s so much talk of voting absentee this year.

With just about a month until an expected historic voter turnout, Georgia election leaders said now is the time to vote.

"Voting from home gives you the advantage of voting from the kitchen table where there is no line, and frankly, for a lot of these elections, you can sit with a computer, look at who you’re voting for and be the best-informed voter you can be," Sterling said.

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Sterling said the state’s new ballot tracking system will put minds at ease.

"It’s there for there to be more transparency so people have more comfort level about where their ballot is in the process," he said.

Start by heading to and request an absentee ballot.


"You’ll get a notification when the request is received, you'll get a notification when the ballot is mailed to you and a notification when the ballot is accepted by the county and it proactively comes to your email or cell phone or both if you so choose," he said.

Voters don’t need anything except personal information to register for a physical ballot.

"What you’re really logging in is yourself. All you need is your name… and your respective county and you’re signed up to receive all notifications," Sterling said.

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Sterling said it could take 5 to 8 days to receive your ballot in the mail, so now is the time to get voting items in order.

"Don’t focus on when it’s too late. It’s never too early to ask for it. When you get done watching Channel 5 news here, go online and register that ballot. The closer we get to Election Day, the more likely problems are to arise. Do it now so you can cure those problems," he said.

To track a ballot, click here.