How to keep your feet healthy this summer

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Brittany Willis has picked up a few tricks from her foot doctor, Sarepta Isaac of Serenity Podiatric Concierge.

"I wear a lot of sandals during the summertime," Willis says. "I just like to show my feet off. But, the flats that I do wear, they do have a slight wedge or arch in them."

Dr. Isaac approves.

She says if you want to keep your feet healthy and pain-free this summer, choose your flip-flops or flats carefully.

"You want one with a sturdy sole, a nice arch, a sturdy heel," Isaac says.

Isaac says summer is primetime for fungal infections. 

That's where Brittany admits she might be making a mistake.

So, what's her bad habit?

"Sharing shoes," Willis says. "Because I love, like, my mom's shoes."

Isaac says sharing shoes, even with someone you know, could leave you with itchy, irritated feet.

"You may not know your best friend has a fungal infection," she says. "Their feet look great, but you get a fungal infection."

It's the same thing with running around barefoot in wet places like pools and locker rooms. 

"Do not walk barefoot," Isaac says. "Because, often, we're tempted to walk from one side of the pool to the other, or jump into that gym shower. That's an intense breeding ground for fungus as well."

If you're traveling this summer, wear flip flops in your hotel room, at pools and beaches and going through airport security lines to prevent picking up a fungal infection.

If you've been in the water, make sure to dry your feet off before you put on shoes.

"That's something we often miss when rushing," Isaac says. "And focus in between the toes, because that is a place where fungus tend to proliferate as well."

If you're prone to fungal infections, Isaac says over-the-counter medicated powders can help.

If you're someone who sweats a lot, she recommends bringing an extra pair of socks.

At the beach or lake, water shoes can help protect your feet, but make sure they're completely dry before wearing them again.