Hostage standoff in DeKalb County ends peacefully

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DeKalb County Police said a hostage standoff which lasted for more than six hours has ended peacefully.

It started around 9 a.m. in the 2900 block of Meadowview Drive SE when DeKalb County Police said Jared Toombs called 911. Investigators said he was at times rambling.

“We actually did a check location call and went there to check. He wasn't doing anything illegal at the time, so officers left the scene after they spoke with him briefly. Shortly after that, they received a second 911 call from the subject's mother who advised that she had been barricaded in the room with the subject and hence we ended back up in this situation,” said Lt. Lonzy Robertson, DeKalb County Police Department.

Police believe Toombs was armed, in a room with his mother, Minnie Toombs. Officers said they weren’t sure how many weapons were inside the home.

“Actually, during the incident at some point he did have handguns and he did have weapons. We didn't know that before we were just speculating that he did, but he did throw out three handguns and as we were able to take him into custody we found a fourth handgun in the house also,” said Lt. Robertson.

Authorities said Toombs is no stranger to them. FOX 5 News has learned officers have been called to the home nine times in the past. Police said the most recent was just two weeks ago when officers said Toombs voluntarily was transported by EMS for mental help.

“And really it’s not like he’s a bad person... He’s not. He just needs help and nobody can help him. He doesn’t have insurance, said Santresa Clements, Toomb’s niece.

Clements said her grandmother loved her uncle and would never let officers know anything was wrong for fear they would hurt him, but said this time, it must be bad.

“This is my first time ever seeing him behave like this ever. I’ve never seen him act like this before,” said Clements.

Toombs is being charged with false imprisonment. No one was injured during the standoff.

Meadowview Drive at Clifton Church Road and Parker Ranch Road were closed during the standoff. Some buses and students in the area were rerouted to surrounding streets during the incident.