Homeowners on vacation targeted by burglars

DeKalb County Police said a crew of burglars is targeting homes with owners clearly on vacation or at work.

FOX 5 News obtained surveillance of a crew of thieves breaking into homes. Police said the individuals could be responsible for up to 20 break-ins in DeKalb County, and possibly more in Atlanta and Rockdale County.

Police said burglars are after homes with no cars in driveways and no lights on; once thieves knock on a door and no one is home, the crew proceeds to kick in a door or break a window.

“Trying to break into your house-- it's a little disconcerting,” said one homeowner who lives off Emerald Avenue, which has been a target of the recent burglaries. She told FOX 5, after the recent break-ins, she bought a surveillance camera attached to her doorbell; the device notifies the resident via phone when someone is at the door.

Police advise residents, while on vacation or at work, to leave lights on inside and outside a home, cars in a driveway, invest in a security system and have neighbors check on your house while you are away.

Anyone with information on the burglary crew in the surveillance video is asked to call DeKalb County Police or Crime Stoppers. You can remain anonymous and receive a reward up to $2,000.