High-speed chase ends with van in creek in Cobb County

An overnight high-speed chase in Cobb County ended with a suspect in the hospital and his van stuck in a creek.

Police said it all started when the suspect and his girlfriend got into a fight. As he drove away from the home investigators said he ran over her mailbox. She then called 911.  As officers were taking her report, police said the man started sending his girlfriend text messages saying he was going to come back and kill her.

Police block off area where suspect left the roadway

Officers intercepted the man as he was driving toward the house. He then gunned it. Police said the man reached 100 miles per hour while trying to escape. He finally went on some side streets and at the intersection of East Lake Drive and New Kemp Road he lost control. The "sprinter" like van went down a 500-foot long grassy embankment and crashed into a creek.

Police took the man into custody. Paramedics brought him to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. 

No officers got hurt but at least one squad was damaged during the pursuit.