High-end vehicles stolen from College Park auction lot

College Park Police are looking for two men who wrecked two high-end vehicles as they stole them off of an auction lot.

Detectives said two crooks stole two 2018 Porches from the Manheim Auction lot at 4900 Buffington Road Saturday around 7:37 am. Police said the heist was bold and caught on surveillance cameras. Investigators said it looked like the duo was shopping around for just the right vehicle.

"We are talking about at least five or six cars they actually got into and drove around the lot before they got into these Porsches," College Park Sergeant Marcus Dennard said.

Both suspects settled on blue Porsche Panoramas, valued at $258,000 together. Detectives said their departure seemed more like a scene from a movie. When they got ready to leave one thief peeled off, ramming through the security gate, while the other alluded the security guard who was trying to box him in, according to police.

"One guy gets out and presses a button for the fence to go down in the ground, a steel fence. The other Porsche goes around the security truck and hits it going out," Sgt. Denmark remarks.

Police said these were bold suspects whose next move was to call body shops and attempt to repair the damage done while fleeing the lots.

Police said they used the GPS tracking device to find both vehicles. One was at an undisclosed body shop.