Henry County neighborhood helps reunite couple with lost dog

A Henry County couple was reunited with their dog nearly six months after it ran away during a car crash.

Oscar, the Great Pyrenees, became a part of Brooke Bailey and her husband's life about two years ago.

He's been much more than a dog to the couple.

“I lost my son about three years ago and some of his personality I can see in him," Bailey said. Oscar has been there to help with her loss and has also helped her husband who has PTSD.

“He definitely brought a different kind of love into the house that was needed definitely was needed because I was missing my son very much and he helped me with that," Bailey said.

In the summer, Bailey got into a car accident. Oscar was in the car with her but he ran away right after the crash.

Bailey and her husband walked around, posted on social media, called the shelters, but had no luck.

"It was really heartbreaking when I couldn’t find him," Bailey said. “I had a stroke a month later so it was really hard for us to look and my husband's a diabetic and he got sick.”

Little did they know, Oscar was wandering a neighborhood about 20 minutes from home, not too far from the site of the accident.

The white, fluffy 105-pound dog caught the attention of neighbors who soon started making sure he had food and water.

They were able to bring him inside because he was too scared to let anyone too close.

Oscar became a part of the neighborhood, wandering from house to house, lying in backyards, and sleeping in the woods.

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Finally, one of the neighbors was able to coax Oscar into her house.

Oscar was taken to the Henry County Animal Care and Control. Animal control was then able to connect Oscar with Bailey.

"Animal control called me up and told me they found Oscar, I was just so happy and almost tears because he’s been gone for so long, you never know," Bailey said.

Bailey said after about three months, she thought she'd never see Oscar again. She simply hoped he was still alive and was being taken care of by someone.