Health scare in china puts CDC into action at Hartsfield-Jackson airport

Customs officers and health officials screened travelers arriving at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport from Shanghai for the coronavirus on Thursday. 

Many passengers arrived in Atlanta wearing masks they had obtained in China, stemming from the potentially deadly coronavirus.

A Gwinnett resident who had been in China for ten days said airport stores in Shanghai were sold out of the protective masks. 

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Coronavirus is tricky for health workers, becuase it is spread person to person and mimics the flu. 

At Hartsfield-Jackson, some travelers will get a hands on check, but anyone with a cough or fever is advised to seek immediate attention. 

Augustus Hudson, who leads the emergency management team at Hartsfield-Jackson, said Atlanta is the fifth city in the U.S. where all passengers from China and Seoul, South Korea can enter the country. 

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