Head of Cobb & Douglas Public Health says kids need to stay home if possible

As the number of COVID-19 cases climbs, the Director of Cobb and Douglas Public Health says we all need to go back to what we were doing when the pandemic first hit, and stay home. Dr. Janet Memark says that includes students, if possible.

Dr. Memark says their teams of epidemiologists are watching what is happening in the schools closely. She says right now, for those parents who can keep their kids home, they should do it.

"If you are able to have your children go virtual at this point if you can do it, it is recommended," said Dr. Memark.

Both Cobb and Douglas School Districts give parents and students a choice to go virtual or face to face.

In response to Dr. Memark's comments, a Cobb School Spokesperson said, "Cobb & Douglas Public Health's recommendation to parents is to consider virtual if at all possible and their guidance to us continues to allow for face-to-face classrooms for parents who choose to do so. Our parents have had the flexibility to choose the classroom environment which is best for their families."

Douglas County Schools say they have always encouraged parents who have the ability to support digital learning to choose that option. 

School officials released a statement saying, "The fewer students we physically have in classrooms, the better able we are to follow safety protocols and provide adequate social distancing. This allows us to effectively manage the virus and provide safe instructional opportunities for families who can not support digital learning."

Dr. Memark says whether children are in school or in their living rooms learning the three R's, we all need to be practicing what she calls the three S's.

"Stay safe, stay home, and stay away from people," said Dr. Memark.

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