Gwinnett election officials: No timeline on when all votes will be counted

Election workers have counted thousands of absentee ballots in Gwinnett County, but are not releasing them to the Georgia's Secretary of State until they can adjudicate all the ballots that were impacted by a software glitch.

The adjudication process involves a panel of three people to go through ballots that need to be re-examined to determine a voter's intent.

Gwinnett County election workers have gone through the 4,400 absentee ballots that were mailed or put in drop boxes on Election Day. They are now adjudicating the ballots that were impacted the software glitch.

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"Each vote counts, and we want to make sure we get it right. We take each one seriously," said Frances Rackow, a panelist involved in the adjudication process.

Panelists are going through the 3,200 batches that were impacted by the technical glitch. There are 25 ballots in a batch, and election officials say at least one of those ballots needs to be re-examined. They say there have been many cases where a voter may have accidentally voted for two candidates in a race.

"We do our best. The big thing you'll see on the screen is over-voting," said Rackow, "People accidentally select more than one candidate when they should've only selected one."

Election officials say it is difficult to estimate exactly how many ballots have still not been counted in Gwinnett County.

"Within a batch, I have no way of knowing how many ballots need to be adjudicated," said Kristi Royston, Gwinnett County Elections Supervisor, "There's at least one, but there could be multiple."

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Not only are those votes key to the presidential race, but also to races in the county. Republican nominee Rich McCormick who ran for Georgia's 7th Congressional District is not conceding the race, meanwhile his Democratic opponent, Carolyn Bordeaux, has declared victory.

Election officials are not giving a timeline on when all the votes will be counted.