Georgia 14-year-old girl missing since last day of classes

It's been over a week since a Gwinnett County 14-year-old disappeared. Her family believes she may have met someone online. As each day passes, their fear worsens. 

The teen's family says she finished up her freshman exams at Parkview High School on May 24 and then left the building. From there, they don't know where she went.

"She's quiet, she's antisocial a little bit, so she'll be in her own world a lot, she is a gamer...for her to leave at just the spur of the moment is really, really different," her father, Remon Bell, said. 

She was last seen leaving the school around 10:30am on the 24th. Remon says she normally leaves school with her older sister. 

"They ride together, so they leave together at the same time, but this day she left thirty minutes early," Remon said.

'We talked to her friends and they say she talked the same way that day, act the same way, the majority of them, she text them, from 6 a.m. that morning, on the way to school, until 9 o'clock, after 9 o'clock all the texts stopped," he explained. 

"We really think that she was just talking to someone on an app, and became friends with them, and they lured her out. Because she never do anything like this," he added.

Remon says they were able to pick up her phone in Morrow on Friday, but it's been off ever since. 

The Gwinnett County School District's Police Department confirmed it's investigating this case. 

Remon says his family won't stop until they know she is safe. 

"I'm gonna search every single day. Her family is going to search for her every single day until she come home," he said. 

She was last seen wearing brown pants and a white shirt with black and white converse. If you have any information about where she may be you're asked to call 911.