Gwinnett commissioner walks out of meeting for second time

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For more than a month, Gwinnett County residents have attended Board of Commission meetings to demand Commissioner Tommy Hunter resign, and Tuesday night’s meeting was no different.

Signs read “Not in our County” and “We will not be silenced, Commissioner Hunter must go.” Commissioner Hunter left the meeting right before the chairperson opened it to public comment, but that did not stop residents from voicing their concerns.

WATCH: Controversy over Commissioner Hunter continues to dominate at Board meetings

Some residents addressed the other commissioners, pleading with them to take action. One resident asked the commissioners to make a public comment, one commissioner responded by saying the order of the meeting does not call for public comment.

Commissioner Hunter called Rep. John Lewis a “racist pig” on his Facebook page after he said he was offended when the congressman said the presidential election of Donald Trump was illegitimate. Commissioner Hunter apologized for his comment, but some residents feel it was not sincere.

This is the second board of commission meeting of which Hunter walked out. During public comment one resident spoke about the great job Hunter has done in District Three. Another resident told the commission to ride through this and that he appreciated all they do.

Those asking for Hunter to resign said they will continue to fight and will be at the next meeting.

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