Guns, IDs among stolen items recovered in car theft arrest

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Stolen guns, prescription, credit cards, and stolen student ID’s were part of the loot recovered in Athens.

Epifanio Rodriguez with the Athens-Clarke County Police Department said the auto break-ins occurred in Athens, Cherokee County and beyond.

“We do believe that over a month’s period they have been all across Georgia and have been committing entering autos all across the state and into South Carolina,” said Rodriguez.

It all fell apart when David Brooks and his Labradoodle, Wynn, were awakened in the early morning hours last week.

“Wynn looks out the window and growls like I’ve never heard before. And when I looked out the window I see somebody at my son’s jeep and another guy circling the other cars,” said Brooks.

Brooks said he left Wynn inside his townhouse located in The Preserve Drive, called 911 then dashed outside in pursuit of the two men through the lawn of his complex.

“When I get around the corner I lose them and I go out into the street and look right and left,” said Brooks.

Fortunately, within a minute or two, Athens-Clarke County Police arrived, capturing one of the men, identified by investigators as 20-year-old Cameron Sneed.

“That is the guy I saw except he had a beanie on and a hoodie,” said Brooks as he looked at a mugshot of Sneed.

Brooks identified Sneed for police who told FOX 5 News he and accomplice 20-year-old Mason Dixon are responsible for numerous auto break-ins.

Investigators said a search warrant served on a truck which belonged to one of the men left at Brook’s complex led to a large haul.

“Guns, cameras, credit cards, driver’s licenses, student ID’s, pill bottles and all sorts of other things,” said Rodriguez.

Rodriguez said Cameron Sneed faces charges of felony entering auto, loitering and prowling with more charges expected.

The other man, Mason Dixon, Rodriguez said faces similar charges.

“I think it’s great police work, that our detectives found this out and got here so quick at least they got one of them. And Wynn helped, and Wynn helped. That’s exactly right,” said David Brooks.

FOX 5 News checked with the Athens-Clarke County Jail Tuesday night and was told he was no longer at the facility after apparently bonding out.