Gun falls to ground during Douglas County high school fight

Douglas County High school parents are outraged about a gun found during a fight at on campus.

Douglas County school administrators say a fight broke out between three students and during the fight, an unloaded weapon fell to the ground.

Parents say they want the school system to pull out all the stops-- with weapons detection technology and clear backpacks so it doesn't happen again.

Students and parents say they're grateful the fist fight didn't escalate.

They say it could've, as video appears to show a gun on the pavement when a group of boys' scuffle to the ground. It's a short clip from last Monday that a parent who didn't want to speak on camera says should be taken seriously.

Both of her students say they're afraid their peers have knives and guns on campus.

"Is this going to happen again, this time with a shooting and going to have to ID my child at the morgue," she asked.

Douglas County schools says they are commitment to student safety.

A message they say they sent to parents the morning of Sept. 19 says in part:

"During the fight, an unloaded weapon was discovered on the pavement and quickly recovered by an administrator. The Douglas County School System Police Department moved quickly to maintain campus safety and to ensure no students were harmed… Weapons are prohibited on all campuses"

Legally, Schools can’t comment on disciplinary action, but they did say law enforcement will step in with appropriate consequences.

FOX5's Alex Whittler asked the superintendent if this fight will lead to safety protocol changes. He did not immediately respond.