Grant Park brewery serves up beer…and outdoor space

The idea of constant cleaning and sanitizing may be new to many of us, but not to the team at Eventide Brewing.

“Half of what we do is sterilization and sanitation, anyway,” says co-founder Geoffrey Williams.  “So we already have everything in place for that.  It’s just really extrapolating what we’re doing in the back and moving it to the front.”

The Atlanta brewery has been serving up “suds” since 2014, and its Grant Park taproom is a popular neighborhood hangout.  Of course, that changed earlier this year, as businesses around the world began shutting down.

“Until we figured out what was going on — because at that point nobody knew what was happening, we just knew that things were happening — we shut down the retail space,” says Williams.

The team’s first move was to start filling to-go orders — and Williams says thirsty neighbors immediately lined up.  “It’s just amazing.  The people are amazing, super-supportive,” he says.  “The reason we’re still open today is because of the Grant Park community and surrounding neighborhoods.”

Now, the brewery has reopened limited seating inside — but it’s the large outdoor space in front that’s proven a major asset during the era of social distance.

“Having this has been huge,” Williams says, gesturing to the outdoor green space and tables.  “You hit a table right here, you stay within your group, we run table service to you.  All the servers are wearing masks, we’re all sanitizing as often as possible.”

So, it’s not exactly “business as usual” at Eventide Brewing — but it’s business.  And Geoffrey Williams says if they can make life even a little less complicated for their customers, that’s what Eventide is all about.

For more information on Eventide Brewing and to check out the beers currently being served, click over to the craft brewery’s Instagram page here and website here.  And click the video player in this article for a look at the Grant Park taproom!