Gov. Brian Kemp files ethics complaint against David Perdue

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp filed an ethics complaint against gubernatorial primary opponent David Perdue, who recently challenged a Georgia campaign finance law that benefits Kemp. 

The complaint, filed in federal court on Tuesday, accuses Perdue of trying to damage Kemp's campaign with both the timing and intent of the lawsuit. 

Kemp claims Perdue delayed filing his lawsuit to time it with the start of the legislative session. 

"Feigning alleged 'harms,' Perdue both cries afoul of transparent campaign finance structures set into law by the Georgia Legislature and asks the court to remove these structures so he and all other candidates intending to oppose the Governor in the coming election cycle (including Stacey Abrams, Vernon Jones, Kandiss Taylor, and Catherine Davis) may continue critical fundraising, while the Governor may not," a spokesperson for Kemp's campaign said. 

Perdue filed a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of Georgia Senate Bill 221, which allows Kemp — as well as a handful of state legislative leaders — to set up leadership funds or committees that can haul in and spend unlimited amounts of campaign cash.