Good Day Atlanta viewer information October 15, 2021

Oakland Cemetery offers a Halloween "Haunted Hunt:" This Halloween season, Oakland Cemetery is hosting Haunted Hunt, a self-guided scavenger hunt through the cemetery that challenges guests to solve a series of riddles as they explore the historic grounds. Participants can choose from three downloadable packets; "Easy" should take you about an hour, "Medium" could take up to two hours, and "Deadly" might just take you all day! Each packet costs $25 (plus tax) and may be purchased online and then downloaded; participating teams will also be entered into a drawing for prizes.

For more information on the cemetery’s Haunted Hunt, click here. And click the video player to check out our morning attempting the "Deadly" level of competition on live TV! 

Comedian Kiana Danice joins us to talk about her new book with hopes of inspiring others:  We've all had our share of heartache and disappointments and even tragedy, but how do you learn from those experiences and move on in a meaningful way. Actress and comedian the Kiana Danice joins us to talk about how she turned her tests into testimony. She just wrote the book Bye Bye, Bags and joins us live with more on what inspired her to write it.  For more information on Kiana Danice or her book launch click here.  

Magnolia Networks Brooke and Brice Gilliam join us with a preview of their new show "Making Modern with Brooke and Brice:"  For more information click here. 

Willie Moore Jr. from the Willie Moore Jr. show on Praise 102.5  joins us with more on in person or online church services:  For more information on Willie Moore Jr. click here. 

Pet of the day is from Best Friends Animal Rescue:  For more information on how you can adopt Nakita click here. 

Pike Nurseries expert Rena Sartain joins us to talk about turf:  For more information on Pike Nurseries click here.