Good Day Atlanta viewer information: May 18, 2023

Elvis tribute show rocks Marietta’s Strand Theatre Legends in Concert: 

Thanks in large part to last year’s Academy Award-nominated biopic directed by Baz Luhrmann, "Elvis fever" is burning hotter than ever. And right now, some of the world’s greatest tribute artists are taking care of business in Marietta, headlining a high-energy show dedicated to the King of Rock and Roll.

"Legends in Concert - Back in the Building" is billed as the "ultimate Elvis tribute musical," and is playing at The Earl and Rachel Smith Strand Theatre in Marietta through Sunday. Featuring award-winning ETAs (that’s Elvis Tribute Artists, in case you didn’t know…) including Pat Dunn and Taylor Rodriguez, the musical review features the King’s biggest hits from every iconic era of his career, including his days as a box-office idol and the 70s Vegas extravaganzas featuring glittering jumpsuits and karate moves.

Speaking of Vegas, one of Mr. Presley’s most famous co-stars was the great Ann-Margret, who starred alongside the entertainer in 1964’s "Viva Las Vegas." And "Legends in Concert - Back in the Building" has that pairing covered, too, with Carol Maccri Gossamer joining the show with her tribute to Ann-Margret.

"Legends in Concert - Back in the Building" performances continue at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday and Friday evenings, at 3 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, and 3 p.m. on Sunday. Tickets range from $25 to $68, and are available for purchase online here. The Strand is located at 117 North Park Square in Marietta.

Of course, we can’t help falling in love with Elvis every time we hear one of his songs, so we decided that this morning, we wanted a little less conversation…and a lot more music! Click the video player in this article to check out our morning in Marietta getting a special behind-the-scenes look at this can't-miss show!

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Latrice and Clifton Rogers talk "The Belle Collective" season 3: If you know Mississippi, you know that soul and hustle runs deep through the heart of Jackson. Beauty mogul, entrepreneur and  TV personality, Latrice Rogers is a true testament, and if you don't believe us, ask Target's security guard on Interstate 55. In 2014, a college degree left Latrice working at an Office Depot instead of an office. She knew the life she wanted didn't include a scanner and an old cash register; instead, it was filled with luxury. Since a young girl, fascinated with hair care, Latrice took her passion and turned it into her profit. After researching, saving enough money, and gathering a team of beautiful women, Latrice headed to Target's parking lot and sold bundles from the trunk of her car, and that is where Goddess Lengths was born. Years later, Latrice has turned Goddess Lengths into a multi-million-dollar business, opened up a hair showroom and installed a vending machine in NorthPark Mall. The Jackson, Mississippi native's hustle hasn't gone unnoticed and landed her a role on OWN's Reality TV Series, "Belle Collective." Catch it Thursdays on OWN. Watch the trailer here.

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