Good Day Atlanta viewer information January 8, 2020

Birthday shopping for Elvis at Woodstock collectibles store:  

Jan. 8, 1935 is the day that changed popular music forever.  

A boy named Elvis Aaron Presley was born that day in Tupelo, Mississippi — and over the next 42 years, he would become one of the biggest stars the world has ever known.  

For proof on just how impactful Elvis was (and still is) on popular culture, look no further than The Wright Stuff Records & Collectibles in Downtown Woodstock. The “mom & pop” collectibles store is owned and operated by Tom Wright, a man who defines the label “collector” and stocks his store with a jaw-dropping assortment of record albums, vintage toys, collectible coins, comic books, antiques, and more.

Of course, the King is well-represented in just about every type of collection sold by Wright, including Elvis plates, Elvis Christmas ornaments, Elvis calendars, Elvis trading cards, Elvis bowling balls, an Elvis whiskey decanter … you getting the picture?  And, of course, there are tons of original Elvis LPs, 45s, and 8-track tapes — one of the albums is even autographed by the King himself!

The Good Day feature team spent the morning celebrating Elvis Presley’s 85th birthday by “treasure-hunting” at The Wright Stuff Records & Collectibles, which is located at 8646 Main Street in Woodstock — click the video player to see what we found!


Celebrity divorce attorney Randy Kessler on Good Day Atlanta: 

The Netflix movie about a marriage breaking up and a family staying together, "Marriage Story" is racking up nominations this awards season. 

Atlanta celebrity divorce attorney Randy Kessler is here to discuss how realistic it is and he has some tips if you're headed in the direction of divorce. 

For more information on Randy Kessler or one of his many family law books, including "Divorce: Protect Yourself, Your Kids And Your Future" click here.

Tracy McMillan from "Family or Fiance" on Good Day Atlanta: 

Finding your forever love can be a dream come true, but if the family doesn't approve, it could turn out to be a nightmare. 

"Family or Fiance" is a social experiment that plays out on OWN that features the engaged couples and their disapproving families living under one roof for three days before the couples decide to tie the knot.   

Tracy McMillan stops by with more on the show and real-life advice for all couples. The season premiere of "Family or Fiance" airs Saturday on OWN. 

For more information click here.

How to Keep your fitness motivation with Majic's Maria More

We're a little more than a week into the new year and keeping on task with those resolutions may get tough. Thankfully, fitness expert and Majic 107.5 and 97.5's Maria More has some tips to help.   

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