Georgia woman's boyfriend killed in Brussels terrorist attack

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A Georgia family says their faith will get them through the tragic loss of their daughter's boyfriend in the Brussels terror attack.

Nathaniel Eisenman, brother of Emily Eisenman, who lost her boyfriend in the Brussels terror attacks, told FOX 5 his family got the news they feared this morning when Bart Migom's family confirmed he was killed when a bomb exploded at the Brussels airport. Migom, 21-years-old, had been dating Emily for 6 months. 

"Bart was one of the most genuine guys I have ever known.  He always wanted to help people and was just an all-around good guy," said Eisenman.  The 24-year old said the Belgium native was on his way to visit the Eisenman family in Georgia when tragedy struck.  Migom had messaged Emily to say he could hardly wait until the flight was over to spend the Easter holiday with her.  

Migom was studying marketing at Howest University in Bruges, Belgium.

According to Nathaniel, both Emily and Bart were devoted Christians and had even talked of getting married. 

Howest tweeted the following statement on social media: