Georgia State University officer charged with rape, officials say

Gwinnett County police have arrested and charged a Georgia State University campus police officer with rape and kidnapping after a Lawrenceville woman came forward and reported the August 5th incident. 

Police said the woman identified the suspect as 59-year-old Terry Payne of Loganville. 

According to investigators, Payne used his badge and authority to carry out the attack. 

"They were acquaintances and then got to know each other over a period of time and decided to meet up for dinner," GCPD spokesperson Sgt. Jennifer Richter told Fox 5.  

Sgt. Richter said the woman reported the incident at a local hospital the day after she met Payne at a restaurant for drinks. 

"When they were at the restaurant, she recalled drinking one alcoholic beverage and then had no more memories until waking up when the rape was taking place," she explained.  

According to detectives, the assault took place at a hotel across the street from that restaurant. Police said the woman’s story is consistent with the use of a date rape drug but they’re still waiting on toxicology reports. 

"He did use his badge to allay suspicion. The state that the victim was in when they arrived at the location was a little bit concerning but he showed his badge to the clerk there," Richter said. 

Richter said that use of his badge warranted a charge of violation of oath of office in addition to charges of kidnapping, false imprisonment and rape. 

Gwinnett County Police are using surveillance video from the restaurant in their investigation. They also want to remind people to be vigilant. 

 "Always keep an eye on drinks when you’re in a social setting. If you set a drink down and walk away, get a fresh one. Don’t take a drink that you didn’t see prepared," Richter said.  

We reached out to officials with Georgia State University to find out what Payne’s employment status is in light of the arrest. We’re still waiting to hear back.

If you or someone you know has been sexually assaulted, Gwinnett County police say help is available. 

You’re encouraged to report assaults at either a local hospital, to police or another group that offers assistance to sexual assault victims.

 For more information on resources in Gwinnett County click here