Georgia sheriff: 'I am deeply disturbed by the video of Mr. Floyd being murdered'

A north Georgia sheriff is speaking out about the death of 46-year-old George Floyd, who died while in Minneapolis police custody on Monday night. 

A video taken by a bystander showed one of the officers pinning Floyd to the ground and pressing his knee into his neck as Floyd repeats that he cannot breathe. Floyd eventually becomes unresponsive, but the officer continued to hold his knee to the man’s neck until an ambulance arrives.

The exact cause of Floyd’s death has not been released by the medical examiner’s office.

Wednesday, Polk County Sheriff Johnny Moats took to Facebook to voice his concern. In a statement posted on the Polk County Georgia Sheriff’s Office’s page, the sheriff wrote in part:

"I am deeply disturbed by the video of Mr. Floyd being murdered in the street with other officers there letting it go on. I can assure everyone, me or any of my deputies will never treat anyone like that as long as I'm Sheriff. This kind of brutality is terrible and it needs to stop. All Officers involved need to be arrested and charged immediately."

Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo announced Tuesday afternoon that all four responding officers were being terminated and Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey has since called for criminal charges to be filed against those officers.

Sheriff Moats ended his statement Wednesday afternoon by offering prayers for Floyd’s family.