Georgia opens mass vaccination sites

Georgia officially opened four mass COVID-19 vaccination sites across the state Monday morning.

"I think the whole operation here is wonderful. I think they're doing an excellent job," said Ernie Monroe, of Loganville, who received his vaccine at the Delta Air Museum in Hapeville.

The four state-run sites are in Albany, Clarkesville, Hapeville, and Macon.

"We're up and running. We're happy. We've got shots going in arms at all four sites," said GEMA/HS Director Chris Stallings. "Even though the rain showed up today, it didn't stop us."

Each location is currently set up to administer 1,100 vaccines per day for a weekly total of 22,000 combined, though state officials said they are prepared to double that number in the coming weeks.

"As supply expands over the coming months, we will be able to increase capacity at these four initial sites, shift resources to other communities as needed and stand up new locations to reach more Georgians," said Gov. Brian Kemp, R-Georgia.


Those who had appointments at the Hapeville location on Monday said they were on-site anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and said the process went smoothly.

"It was very easy because for the other sites I wasn't able to do it," explained Bebi Singh, who made appointments for her family members.  "But I listened to you guys Friday, I think, to your news and it told us what to do and I did it. And one, two, three, I got through. They were very efficient. We cannot complain."

State officials said Monday that the Hapeville, Clarkesville, and Macon sites were fully booked for the week, but demand was significantly less in Albany, which had only 200 appointments booked as of Monday morning. They have now opened up the Albany site to anyone who shows up between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

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