Gas station clerk shot during robbery

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A gas station clerk was injured after apparently being shot during an overnight armed robbery.

Clarkston Police responded to the Marathon station on East Ponce De Leon around midnight. After arriving at the location, which is right next to the Interstate 285 entrance ramp, they found the window shattered from a bullet.

Workers spent the morning replacing a heavily damaged door that withstood a barrage of gunfire during Wednesday's armed robbery at the Marathon gas station on East Ponce De Leon Avenue in Clarkston.

Two armed men wearing all black and masks entered the store just after midnight demanding money from the store clerk, who was working the register behind bulletproof glass and a security door.

Clarkston Police Detective William Miller, told FOX 5 "But due to the bulletproof glass and door they were not able to get in. The subjects then started shooting through the door. But the bullets did not penetrate the door or the glass."

The bulletproof glass bore the brunt of the violent onslaught but one of the suspects still managed to wound the clerk.

"At one point one of the suspects put the gun through one of the little trays where you put change through, and a bullet was discharged, and shot the attendant in the right shoulder."

Unable to access the register area, the gunmen fled empty-handed. Medics rushed the wounded man to Atlanta Medical Center. Police reviewed store surveillance video for clues to the gunmen's identity. Detective Miller said they don't know if the gunmen had a getaway car nearby or fled on foot.

"They are violent. They have very little value for human life or property and of course for those reasons alone we want to apprehend them as quick as we can, and get them off the streets."