Gang members wanted for murder

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The Fulton County District Attorney says three teenage gang members are wanted on murder and armed robbery charges after a grand jury indicted them.

The 52-count indictment was handed down Friday. It names Mike Washington, Iman Weems, Lovett Tennie, and Kordale Miliam as murder and armed robbery suspects.

District Attorney Paul Howard says the gang members target their victims in several middle-class South Fulton neighborhoods.

“I don’t think anything worse can happen to somebody in our communities than to get robbed at gunpoint while you are in your car in your owns driveway, coming home from work,” Mr. Howard exclaimed.

Howard says the four suspects who he says are in the “Gangster Killer Bloods” gang are charged with 14 armed robberies and carjackings and two murders.

Even worse the county’s top prosecutor says the suspects posted pictures and bragged about their crimes on social media, which inadvertently puts evidence right in prosecutors’ hands.

“After the incidents, the defendants publish pictures of themselves in the vehicles on social media,” Howard explained. One picture shows Washington in front of a stolen car with a drum magazine attached to his weapon which allows him to fire an additional 100 rounds.

 Police and prosecutors warn Metro Atlanta’s gang problem is growing, but with indictments like this, hopefully, officials can slow down gang-related crime and recruitment here in Atlanta.

“We have photographs of some of the gang leaders in California who have come to Atlanta to indoctrinate them as official Blood and Crip members but they are also recruiting our young people in parks.

The U.S. Marshal Service is assisting South Fulton Police with finding the three suspects who are still on the run.