Fulton County property tax concerns

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Counties around Georgia have sent notices out for new property appraisals. Fulton County is not one of them. And Commissioner Bob Ellis is not happy about that.

Ellis says the problem-plagued tax office has yet to give him an answer about the notices that were promised a month ago.

And appraisals are a sensitive topic in Fulton County. In 2017, homeowners revolted as they were hit with surprising hikes. Politicians felt the heat. There were thousands of appeals. It was a mess.

The county passed new rules for exemptions that would limit annual jumps in appraised values to no more than 3 percent a year, even if you reside in one of those hot gentrified communities where properties are selling for double or triple what your home may be worth.

Ellis says the tax office is testing how it inputs the new exemptions to ensure accuracy. But the commissioner says that cannot be an excuse for tardy notices.

"I have been getting the phone calls," Ellis said, "I know my colleagues have as well."