Fulton County police seek leads in cold-case murder as mother pleads for justice

Sandra Alexander-Hugley told FOX 5 her heart aches just as much as it did when she received the call October 9, 2004, indicating her son, Rufus Jones, Jr. had been shot at a Fulton County park on Pleasant Hill Road. Her 19-year-old son was dead near the baseball field by the time she arrived--leaving her to suffer from lots of unanswered questions and a gaping wound in her heart for more than sixteen years.

"This is every day. Not just one day, but every day you think about it. You don't forget it because someone took your child's life. It's not like he got sick and died. Someone came and took his life," said Jones' mother.

According to the Fulton County Police Department, Jones was last seen in the parking lot of Old National Park talking to a man in a burgundy 4-door sedan. Investigators said a revolver that had been fired that night was found near Jones's body--but so were several shell casings that were fired from a different weapon. Mrs. Alexander has spent the last several years trying to get answers from those who were with her firstborn son the night he was killed, hoping to help detectives get a break in the case.

"Every time I call, they say it's a cold case. They don't have any leads," said the Jonesboro wife and mother.

According to investigators, Stewart Webb, Jones' girlfriend, who was allegedly with him that night, was held in connection with the fatal shooting for several days. However, she was never charged and was released after a preliminary court hearing in Fulton County. Webb told FOX 5's Portia Bruner any tips from that night--even all these years later--could make a difference for homicide detectives, the family, and the community where the gunman lives today.

"Anybody that killed my son, please, I beg you to turn yourselves in. And if anybody knows who did do it, please, go to the police department and tell him who did this to my sons," Jones' mother said Thursday.

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