Fulton County investigates workplace harassment complaints

Fulton County is fielding complaints about sexual behavior in the workplace. The allegations center on the Arts and Cultural Affairs department. But workers outside of that office have also been drawn into the probe.

Described in a document prepared for the county manager are both consensual acts as well as sexual harassment. One worker labeled the charging party in the document reported sex going on in offices and restrooms.

He also described two other employees "walked around each other doing a stinky dance." But when personal relationships soured, the worker described two others as "cussing and fussing like two [expletives]."

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"We try to keep a clean workplace," said chairman Robb Pitts. "When we find wrongdoing, we take appropriate action."

So far, the controversy has cost three workers their positions in the office.

There are additional allegations the county attorney is looking into.

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