Fulton County Elections officials say they are ready for record turnout

Fulton County election officials expect record crowds for Tuesday's historic election and there will be a police officer at every precinct.

“We have some security concerns and we would rather be proactive than have a problem, plus we believe it would make the voter more comfortable," Fulton County Elections Director Richard Barron remarked about assigning an officer to every precinct.

"Turnout has been amazing. We projected turnout to be 80%, if we get 170,000 voters tomorrow that is where we will be," Barron revealed.

Barron said the number of people who voted early or by absentee, already surpassed the 2016 turnout and Election Day hasn't even happened yet.

VOTING IN GEORGIA 2020: Registering to vote, absentee ballots, and more

The election officials are asking voters to check the website because 91 polling sites have changed since June 9.

Voters should check mvp.sos.ga.gov or dial 404 612-7020 with questions.

Ballots must be returned now in the 38 drop boxes countywide as Georgia has emerged as a battleground state for the first time in many years.

Election officials said the pandemic will slow things down as masks are mandatory, social distancing will be observed, and every machine will be wiped down after every voter

Fulton County has gone from 164 machines on June 9, when the county made national news for its long lines. Now, the country is boasting 255 polling precincts and officials expect everything to run smoothly

The first returns are expected around 7 p.m. when the polls close, the elections director said most results should be known by 11 p.m.