Full week of jury selection in Tex McIver trial

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Jury selection in the in the high profile murder trial of an Atlanta attorney is taking much longer than expected. Lawyers originally thought it would take three days to seat a jury, but Friday marked the fifth day of voir dire.

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Tex McIver was indicted on seven charges including malice murder in the September 2016 shooting death of his wife, Diane McIver. The couple was riding in their SUV near Piedmont Park with a friend when McIver shot his wife in the back.

He claimed that he fell asleep and the gun went off accidentally.  According to investigators, McIver told the family friend to drive them to Emory University Hospital where Mrs. McIver succumbed to her injuries.

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Prosecutors with the Fulton County District Attorney's Office, however, allege that McIver shot his wife for financial gain.

During the on-going process of questioning potential jurors, several had admitted they had already made their minds up about McIver's guilt or innocence.

A jury could be empaneled as soon as Monday with opening arguments to follow. The trial is expected to last for about three weeks.

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