Free online tutoring for Atlanta students stuck at home because of coronavirus

If you're worried about your kids falling behind in school while they’re home during the coronavirus outbreak, one Atlanta company is offering a free service to help Atlanta students for free.

Joseph Powell founded Ten Dollar Tutors with a vision to help.

“My whole life has basically been about figuring things out a different way,” said Joseph Powell, founder and CEO of Ten Dollar Tutors.

Powell grew up in a single parent, low-income household, but he ended up attending Harvard and MIT.

“There's no way I could've made it without tutoring and support,” said Powell. “So I wanted to turn around and offer that to anyone who needs it,” Powell said.

So, he created a service that allows students to chat with tutors on-demand in nearly every subject while working on the same virtual whiteboard.

With all Atlanta students out of school because of the coronavirus, he's offering that service to everyone for free.

“It’s not possible to go to class. It’s not possible to go to school, and for some students, they need that critical teaching to help them while they’re out,” said Powell.

For educators out of work,  Ten Dollar Tutors will pay you to help out if you can't volunteer your time.

“It’s helping teachers be able to give back at a time like this,” said Jennifer Jean, a teacher in Hall County. “I think it’s very important we reach out as much as we can to help the community. We are here to assist. It’s just our nature,” said Jean, a teacher and tutor.

Powell said it will take the community coming together to create great success.

“Because of this outbreak that's happening, were learning even more that we need to depend on each other, and this couldn't have come at a better time because we have the resources to come together and help each other,” he said.

Want to volunteer or tutor? Call 404-919-8962 or email:

Want to sign your child up? Click HERE.