'Freaknik' hits a snag as organizers seek to expand the festival

A revival of an old Atlanta street party has hit a major roadblock.

A promoter for the modern incarnation of Freaknik says he's now forced to search for a new venue.

Last year, he revived the event as a concert at the Lakewood Amphitheater.

He planned to turn the event into a three-day festival this summer with the re-branded "Freak World".

But now he's scrambling to find a place to hold it because an agreement he made months ago was recently denied.

“They don’t care about the positive stuff or the fact I wanted to keep the money to the community, said Carlos Neal, After 9 Partners. “They are just stuck on their bias as far as the name and regardless of the fact it went off last year without a hitch.”

That promoter says he has a few alternate locations for the festival.

But he says before he enters into a new contract, he'll ask people on social media where he should have it.