Food Truck Friday: Che Butter Jonez

“I cook better than your muva!”

With a proclamation like that, expectations ran really high for this week’s Food Truck Friday.  And lucky for us, Chef Malik Rhasaan has the skills — and the flavors — to back up the statement.

We spent this Food Truck Friday hanging out with the team from Che Butter Jonez, a food truck described as “refined ratchet” by owner and chef Malik Rhasaan.  If that name sounds familiar, it might be due to Rhasaan’s nationally-recognized work as an activist; he’s the founder of Occupy the Hood.  Back in 2018, Rhasaan and his wife decided to create Che Butter Jonez as a way to further connect with people — and what better way to connect than through burgers?

So…let’s get to that food.  Menu items include the Who Wants Beef (an Angus burger with cheddar cheese, lettuce, and tomato), the Bobby & Whitney (a combo featuring the Angus beef burger and shrimp fries), and the Red & Doug (combo of smashed lamb burger and shrimp fries).

Hungry yet?  You can follow along with the Che Butter Jonez crew on Instagram and Facebook.  And click the video player in this article to check out our morning doing a little taste-testing.