Florida beachgoers rescue stranded whale

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A simple walk on the beach turned into a rescue effort to save a beached whale.

Bonnie Charity was walking along Indian Shores Beach in Florida when she and another man spotted an adult male melon-headed whale stranded.

Charity says her maternal instincts kicked in when she saw the whale.

"I felt like a mom with my baby who needed help," Charity said. "That's what I felt like."

They quickly called 911 and Charity waited by the whale's side for an hour until members of the Marine Aquarium arrived.

"We knew enough to keep his blowhole up. And he was on his side when we found him," she said. "He was, like, moving some and struggling. And I'm like 'breathe, breathe!" Because I was so worried about him. 

The whale, which Charity named Sandy, is now being treated at Orlando's SeaWorld.

Early reports say he was able to swim unsupported at the facility and has no visible injuries.

"I was just so concerned about him. I actually didn't get emotional until I saw a video of when they were taking him away," Charity says.

Sandy the whale is currently undergoing further testing.