Flooding forces dozens from their homes in Covington

Flash flooding has forced more than 25 people from their mobile homes along the Yellow River in Covington.

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Residents at the Riverside Estates Mobile Home Park say at least a dozen camping trailers and mobile homes are submerged. 

The American Red Cross was dispatched to the property Saturday afternoon to assist those displaced. Volunteers confirmed to FOX 5 that they are assisting more than a dozen families. Some of the people affected are full-time residents of the property, while others have recreational camps. 

Residents say the water began to rise quickly about 4:30 p.m. on Friday afternoon. Earlier in the day, property managers began to warn residents that the river was likely to approach an 'action stage'. 

Our FOX 5 cameras saw several vehicles completely under water.

The Red Cross says they were able to assist each family that requested help. The flood water began to recede slightly by late Saturday night.