Roswell fishing buddies create custom fly rod business

Dr. Eugenie Clark once said, "Sharing the fun of fishing turns strangers into friends in a few hours," and according to the owners of a unique new shop in metro Atlanta, the scientist could have also included the act of crafting the fishing rod in that statement.

Jeff Purdy and John Morgan are the owners of ARC Fly Rods, which just opened in Roswell and offers customers the experience of crafting their own bamboo fly fishing rods. Purdy says he’s been mastering the art of the bamboo rod for more than 30 years; as coworkers at an architectural firm, he and Morgan became fishing buddies and soon both were building and repairing their own fly rods. 

Now, with ARC Fly Rods, the business owners say their plan is to not only sell high-quality bamboo product, but also host workshops in which customers can create their own. 

So, what does a workshop entail? First of all, it requires time: the basic bamboo rod building workshop is a five-day experience, which results in a two-piece custom rod and a red sock and tube for safe storage. Purdy and Morgan say workshop participants can make the rod whatever length and weight they want, depending on the kind of fishing they expect to do. 

ARC Fly Rods is located at 555 South Atlanta Street, B-500, in Roswell — and the shop is open during workshops and by appointment. To book a workshop or to learn more about the shop, click here. And click the video player in this article to check out our morning with Jeff Purdy and John Morgan, working on a fly rod of our own!