Firefighters plagued by vehicle break-ins

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It has happened again; thieves once more have broken into vehicles at fire stations, this time in the southern part of the metro Atlanta region. And now law enforcement agencies are comparing notes.

One of the station's hit was Fire Station 12 in eastern Coweta County.

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"It's an extra worry we have to go through in our job now, not to just worry about the hazards during our calls but here at the station," said Firefighter William Gaddy.

Station 12 is one of seven fire houses where vehicle break-ins occurred in the early morning hours. The Coweta County Sheriff’s Office, Peachtree City, and Newnan Police are all working cases, four in Coweta County, one in Peachtree City, and two in Newnan.

Police in Newnan released video from a station showing a man whose face was covered. He was wearing gloves, a hoodie and blue jeans.

"He intended to come to this location to enter those vehicles. That's why he came and that's why he dressed that way," said Lt: Tate Washington of the Newnan Police Department.

The firehouse vehicle break-ins in the southern part of the metro Atlanta area follow similar break-ins in recent weeks in East Point, Forsyth County and other locations.

"At this time I can't say I'm connecting them to those but I am looking into those to see if there are any similarities," said Lt. Washington.

Pat Wilson, the Chief of Coweta Fire-Rescue said he was not entirely surprised by the vehicle break-ins.

"You kind of knew it was coming. It's been happening all over the metro and we've been making sure, at least get our folks to be vigilant," said Chief Wilson.

He said the majority of the 15 vehicles broken into at the four county fire stations were locked. Weapons, cash and computers were among the items taken.

Station 12 firefighters were left in awe by the brazen burglar or burglars who broke into vehicles in the parking lot despite a sheriff's substation next door.

"I believe until they are caught they are going to other departments and hit other people. You shouldn't be to anyone least of all of the people who there to serve even that person If something comes about with them," said Firefighter Gaddy.

The firefighters whose vehicles were broken into were off duty and had gone home when FOX 5 News stopped by. The other firefighters who spoke to FOX 5 News said they will remain vigilant especially during the early morning hours. They're asking other firefighters in Metro Atlanta, especially those who have not been victimized to do the same.

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