Feds investigating threat at Cobb County NAACP office

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It was a threatening message of hate. That's what was called into the NAACP office in Cobb County. Now the FBI is trying to track down who made that call.

The voice mail lasts for 15 seconds. This is how it begins: "My name is Johnny Rebel, my profession, murdering black people."

Executive Director Deane Bonner was the first to hear the message.

"In the in the 21st century to have someone still have that kind of hate! Hearing that venom and racism, it was a very sickening feeling," Bonner exclaimed.

Bonner said it's not the first time they've received hateful messages, but it is one of the most threatening.

"This guy is very specific, he's making direct threats to us," said Bonner.

Bonner called Marietta Police who turned the case over to the federal authorities. In a statement to FOX 5 News, an FBI spokesman wrote: "The FBI takes civil rights violations and hate crimes very seriously and we are investigating the matter."

Bonner and others with the NAACP said they're not scared, the message just made them more motivated than ever to work hard for others.

"We're in there every day fighting for people's rights, we're going to do it even more so," said Bonner.

Bonner said they've received dozens of phone calls from people in the community supporting them.