Fed up with crime, cop turns to social media to warn residents

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Fed up after a rash of crimes, a local police officer turned to social media to warn residents.  The Dunwoody Police Lieutenant says it was the best way to get the message out immediately. 

Lt. Fidel Espinoza says in the past few days there have been dozens of thefts from vehicles in neighborhoods across the city. That's when he turned to Facebook live to send a message directly to residents.  

"Don't leave your vehicles unsecured and easy pickings for those who are out there looking to take your belongings," said Lt. Espinoza 

Lt Espinoza says he's used Facebook Live in the past and knows the Police Department has a strong following.

 "I knew as soon as I broadcast it I would get a good response, a good following in that moment to get the message out," said Lt. Espinoza.

Dana Coulter says criminals entered both of the cars in her driveway.

 "We had left the doors open and someone got in and we were concerned about the garage door openers and someone could get in the house," said Coulter.  

Coulter was one of the more than 8-thousand people who saw the post on the Dunwoody Police Facebook page.

 "I think it's great, because that's how I learned about how many different neighborhoods were involved," said Coulter.

Using the social media platform, Lt. Espinoza also reminded folks to watch out for each other and anything suspicious in their neighborhoods. 

Lt Espinoza said he's certainly not blaming the victims in these cases, he just wanted to remind everybody to do what they can so they don't become easy targets. He said they'll be adding extra patrols, but the police need help too.

"We can't be everywhere so we're depending on the public to do your part making sure your vehicles are locked secured, take your belongings out," said Lt. Espinoza.