Fed-Ex driver makes unscheduled stop to fold flag

A Fed-Ex driver made an unscheduled stop while driving through a Maryland neighborhood and his good deed was caught on a home surveillance camera.

Gail Cook posted the video on her Facebook page of the driver, Mike King, driving by her house and stopping when he saw that her flag pole had blown over and broke because of the high winds. 

Video shows King getting out of the truck, walking toward the fallen flag pole and pulling off the American flag, along with another flag.

Then, King is seen walking toward the porch with the flags and folding them.

A photo taken by the homeowner shows the flags folded neatly in a box on the porch. "He not only picked up the flag but folded it properly and put it away safely on our porch," Cook wrote. "Thanks FedEx! I hope he gets the recognition he deserves, I can't thank him enough!" Cook continued.

King commented in the post that he couldn't just drive by and do nothing. "It's the Marine way," wrote King, who is a Marine veteran.