Fast food employees robbed then kidnapped

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It was a terrifying ordeal for a couple of fast food restaurant employees in Newnan.

Police say a gunman tied one of them up and kidnapped the other when he robbed the restaurant early Sunday morning.

Lt. Tate Washington, with the Newnan Police Department showed Fox 5 News a surveillance picture from inside this Arby's restaurant on Bullsboro Drive. He said the gunman forced the manager and a male employee back into the store at gunpoint as they were exiting after closing early Sunday morning.

"He demanded that they go to the safe, once he got money from the safe, he ended up tying the store employee with electrical tape, which he had brought with him," said Lt. Washington.

He said the gunman then forced the female manager at gunpoint to get into her car and drive him to a nearby RaceTrac store. After a few minutes inside the car at that location Washington said the gunman forced the woman to get on the road again.

Washington said the gunman forced the victim to drive to a location on the shoulder of Southbound Interstate 85 near mile marker 41, where at gunpoint he forced her out of the vehicle to start walking.

"She didn't question she got out and started walking and she walked for according to her probably a mile if not more before she ever pulled her phone out and dialed 911 when she did that the 911 operator told her to get in the ditch and stay there until the police got there," said Washington.

The manager understandably didn't want to discuss the ordeal when I stopped by the restaurant but customer and local Pastor Brian Carrol said he's praying for the victims and for police to capture the robber.

"We have to deal with consequences of our actions on this side of eternity and we'll let the lord deal with the long term eternal consequences there,” said Pastor Brian Carroll, who is with Northside Baptist Church.

Police suspect the gunman had help by someone who they believe picked him up on the side of the highway.

The manager told police she was too afraid to look back to see who else may have been involved. Her car was recovered where she started walking.

"I feel like somebody stopped to pick him up," said Lt. Washington.

"Some of these folks are getting very bold and brazen in their criminal activities. People don't seem to respect life or value other people's property or anything like that anymore," said Pastor Brian Carroll.

Newnan Police are asking anyone with information to contact them with any tips. Lt. Washington said he suspects the gunman and his likely accomplice came from somewhere other than Newnan.

Police are now searching for better surveillance videos or pictures from area business to lead them to the gun man was described as a black man  in his twenties who appeared to be wearing a baseball cap.

Lt. Washington said the victims will be offered services through the District Attorney's Office.

"I'm actually going to make sure our District Attorney's Office is made aware of it for the Victim's Advocate Assistance, to try to, just to make sure they know we're still here," said Lt. Washington.