Family of teen shot, killed by Cobb County police officer demands video release

A family is demanding justice after their 17-year-old was shot and killed by a Cobb County police officer.

It happened in July, and the attorney for the family claims the shooting was not justified.

The chants could be heard from down Riverside Parkway. Family and friends gathered on Saturday where 17-year-old Vincent Truitt was shot by a Cobb County police officer.

"All ya'll loved Vince," said Andrae Truitt, Vincent's dad, "You know Vince was a good boy. You know how he was raised. You see how much love his family had for him."

Attorney Gerald Griggs is representing the Truitt family, and he is demanding Cobb County Police release all surveillance and body camera video from the night of the shooting.

"There were three individuals in the car. Vincent was not the driver," said Griggs.

Cobb County Police say the incident happened on July 13th when officers tried to stop a stolen vehicle. Three teenagers were in the car including Truitt. The chase ended in a parking lot off Riverside Parkway. At that point, two of the teenagers started running including Truitt.

"Vincent got out of the vehicle. Vincent turned, looked at police, and then turned and began to run away," described Truitt, "At all times the gun was at his side."

But according to information from the GBI, Truitt did show his weapon. According to a release from GBI officials, Truitt brandished a handgun and was shot by an officer. Attorney Griggs claims that is not true.

"Vincent had a gun, yes, but at no point did Vincent use that gun in a threatening manner necessitating law enforcement to shoot him," said Griggs.

The Truitt family says they are seeking justice. It's been more than 80 days since it happened, and they say they are still waiting for answers.

"We want justice. We want answers," said Venethia Cook-Lewis, Vincent's mom, "I want to know why. Why did you shoot my child in the back?"

The Truitt family and Attorney Griggs plan to meet with the Cobb County District Attorney to discuss this case.

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