Family of innocent father of 5 killed in police chase speak out

The family of one of the men killed during an Atlanta police chase said he was a caring man and father of five.

One of Mark Hampton's children is 12-year-old Mark Jr. who suffers from mitochondrial disorder and is confined to a bed. Hampton was headed to the pharmacy to get medicine when he and driver Jermaine Jackson were struck by two teenagers fleeing Atlanta police on Lee Street at Campbellton Road Wednesday afternoon.

"He was a caring father. He dedicated himself to his children. His disabled son. They were inseparable," Hampton's mother Deborah Hampton spoke to FOX 5 News from her Roanoke, Virginia home.

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Hampton caught a ride with friend Jermaine Jackson in order to go to the pharmacy to get medicine for his 12-year-old son.

Hampton's fiancé Screita Samuel says he always put his children first.

"He loved his kids. He has five kids and his children are his life and for this to happen, it's just so bad," fiancé Scretia Samuel reflected.

Atlanta police arrested two 19-year-olds and charge them with murder

Police said earlier that day they were involved in a violent carjacking and at the Wells Fargo ATM earlier.

Hampton's other four children live in Virginia.

His mother said he will be laid to rest there

A GoFundMe has been set up by the victim's family to raise money to have his body transported home to Virginia.