Emails from Free Texting App Spoofed

There is a popular app many of our Fox 5 viewers use. It's called WhatsApp. It can be a free texting, video or messaging service.  If you're suddenly getting emails from WhatsApp, be very careful.

If something is popular enough to be bought for $19b by Facebook, well, the bad guys want a bite out of it, too. And here's how they're doing it.

We have the email that's coming to inboxes. In fact, we have the same one that's come to both Fox 5 I-Team photographers. It will say "incoming voice messaging" and show a timestamp.  If you open the message, the Better Business Bureau warns you'll see a missed voicemail alert and a button to play it. Well stop right there!

The BBB says the email is tricky. It uses the WhatsApp colors and logo so it looks legit. If you hit it, then you can inadvertently download malware which means a stranger might have access to her personal information.

WhatsApp says it won't communicate with its customers via email unless it's replying to you specifically.  
Let's take a quick look at how to spot a scam. Know how a service communicates with you. If you're suddenly getting an email and you usually don't, that's a red flag. If that email is riddled with grammar errors, it's likely a scam. If it just seems odd, research scams. And some folks now are getting anti-virus software for their phones.