Elderly woman targeted by scammers in Roswell

Roswell Police are searching for some scam artists who fabricated an accounting error to make it appear a woman would be arrested if she didn’t pay. That woman, police said, is out $8,000.

It started with a phone call to a 70-year-old woman at her home in a Roswell neighborhood. Investigators said someone on the line claimed the company he worked for had mistakenly deposited eight thousand dollars into her account.

“They explained to her that they needed access to her computer, they were very convincing to her. She did allow access to the computer,” said Officer Lisa Holland with the Roswell Police Department.

The police report indicates when the crooks gained remote access to the victim’s computer they also gained access to a family member's joint account with the victim. Investigators said the scammers transferred $8,000 from one account to another, making it look like the victim had eight grand more in the bank. After the fabricated accounting error, the scam artists demanded she return the money or face the law.

“They threatened to put her in jail if she did not return the money so of course, she wants to do the right thing and give that money back,” said Officer Holland.

According to the police report, the victim withdrew the $8,000 and sent the cash via FedEx to an out of state company which police are not revealing.

The victim’s family didn’t want to talk but a woman at the same Bank of America where the victim withdrew her money said watches over elderly relatives especially when it comes to technology.

“Teach them how to use it and how to protect themselves and be safe and be wary of people;” said the woman who identified herself as SoSo.

Investigators ask anyone who gets a scam call like the victim to hang up and call authorities.

Unfortunately, in this case, by the time a family member and police discovered the scam, the cash had already been sent.

“She called FedEx and sure enough they had already made the delivery, so that money is gone? It is gone,” said Officer Holland.