Drivers beware: Police cracking down on speeding in sweeping statewide effort

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Henry County Police are cracking down on speeding this summer after reviewing what they call "shocking" statistics. 

Over the past six months, officers ticketed 820 drivers for hitting speeds exceeding 90 mph; of that group, 129 drivers reached triple digits.

FOX 5 News obtained police body and dash camera video capturing an 18-year-old clock in at 126 mph. 

"You know how fast you were going?" an officer asked the driver. "Take a wild guess what I clocked you at."

Captain Joey Smith with Henry County Police said you can't stereotype a speeder, urging everyone to be more mindful on the roads and cooperative if pulled over.

"It can affect anybody that you know, anybody in your family, anyone in my family," Smith said. "We just want people to slow down."

Henry County's emphasis on following speed limits is part of a sweeping effort across the state. Georgia first rolled out its 100 Days of Summer H.E.A.T. campaign in 2004 to reduce fatal crash counts.

"I hope that that does take into effect and as fast as possible," said Alissia Ramirez, a Georgia driver. "It's sad that people have to lose their lives."

In 2015, the Office of Highway Safety reported 268 speed-related fatalities.