Driver crashes through Eatonton funeral home

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Eatonton Police are searching for the driver that crashed into the Vining Funeral Home early Saturday morning. The vehicle slammed through a brick wall damaging a large part of the structure.

The vehicle crashed into a room where empty caskets are stored. Several caskets were badly damaged by the debris. 

"Someone backed into the funeral home," said Jennifer Vining, the owner of the family business. "It went all the way through the wall."

Police say they have found a suspect in the hit-and-run, a 25-year-old man who will face at least three charges.

Before the suspect announcement, Vining says she hopes the driver will come forward and explain what happened.

"Just come forward and admit it," she said. "It's a lot easier to come forward and say 'I made a bad mistake' then to let them find you. Come forward, let us know it happened, and we can work it out from there."

She says the funeral home will continue to operate normally while the repairs are made. Anyone with information about the incident is asked to call Eatonton police.