Drive-by shooters terrorize Atlanta street

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A series of random drive-by shootings have Atlanta police searching for a suspect.

Authorities are looking for the person who they say shot at least three innocent people in just the last month.

One of the victims, 61-year-old Sylvester Dixon, was shot in the head.

He thankfully survived and told FOX 5 about the terrifying experience.

Dixon says he dove for cover the moment he heard rapid gunfire, which he described with a burst of quick "pow pow pow," on Joseph Boone Boulevard.

But he was shot in the head anyway as he walked to the neighborhood Pack-a-Sack store.

Surveillance video caught the shooting as it happened, the bursts of gunfire lighting up the darkness from the right side of the video.

"They just riding by shooting," Dixon said. "I'm just an innocent bystander. I don't know what is going on."

Atlanta police said that Dixon and a second man were both just bystanders when they were shot on March 6.

The video reveals that three men were in a black Lexus ES 350. Police say they've tied the men to another shooting on the same street three days earlier.

"It is very serious," Atlanta Police Department Officer Stephanie Brown said. "We are glad no one else was injured because there were a lot of bystanders."

Now Dixon says he doesn't feel safe walking on Boone Boulevard anymore and he relies on his daily scripture reading to give him strength.

He says an inch more and he could have been killed and he worries now about the next shooting.

"You got little children running around out there too," he said. "Suppose one of them gets shot?"

Atlanta police are asking anyone with information on the shootings to contact them as soon as possible. They are hoping these men are caught before they strike again.